Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making it Happen in South America

For several years now my friend Paul had made several attempts at planning a trip to South America, specifically Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina.  Unfortunately those trips fell through for various reasons, some being that potential travel companions backed out or the timing just wasn’t right.  I have been in this situation several times so I know the letdown and disappointment.  Travel is exciting and for many people they prefer to travel with a friend. That’s usually the case for me but I think solo travel is also good for the soul.

Knowing that I was heading back to Chicago in November for a few days and returning to South America, I invited Paul to come to Argentina and Chile with me.  I knew I could help make it happen and all he really had to do was show up.  At first there was a bit of a glitch because the flights I wanted to depart on from Washington, D.C. to Buenos Aires (BA) were oversold.  I decided it was best to wait another day, which worked out wonderfully because we were both issued business class seats to Buenos Aires.

Upon arrival in BA, my new friend Daniel (that's another story) graciously greeted us in the arrival hall.  Although I had requested to be greeted with balloons, Daniel took a fantastic photo of our arrival.  Thereafter he whisked us away to city of Buenos Aires.  During the one-hour drive Daniel had suggested we had to give the Reader's Digest version of our life stories with about a 7-10 minute time limit.  It was perfect because we had arrived at Daniel’s house just as we finished our Reader’s Digest life stories.

Once we arrived at the house, Daniel’s lovely wife Teresa greeted us along with daughter Jasmine, two dogs and two cats.  Of course I felt right at home.  Unfortunately I could only stay for one day but it was a fantastic day!

After spending the afternoon walking the streets of BA, Paul and I met up with Daniel and family (minus the pets) and had a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Bahama.  It was the first time in almost five months that I have had beef, like really good beef.  What was even better was the company, which was a great start to making it happen.

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